15 Top Dubai Beach Clubs to Experience in 2024

Dubai is world-famous for its gorgeous beaches, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that there’s a thriving Dubai beach club scene. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy listening to good music, eating good food, partying all night long, or simply relaxing by the pool. Whilst most Beach Clubs in Dubai will offer sensational Brunch-come-beach parties […]

Ramadan Markets in Dubai; Events & Nightlife During the Holy Month

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan offers a unique glimpse into the cultural and spiritual fabric of the city. The holy month transforms Dubai into a hub of cultural richness and communal harmony, showcasing the city’s ability to blend tradition with modernity. Travelers can experience the unparalleled hospitality of Iftar gatherings, explore vibrant Ramadan markets, and witness the […]

Zero Deposit Car Rentals in Dubai with Time Out Rent a Car

Unlock a new level of convenience in your Dubai adventure with Time Out Rent a Car. We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing option for our valued customers – the ability to rent cars with no deposit! In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of our zero deposit option, making your travel experience not only stress-free […]

Best Places to Dune Buggy in Dubai – Desert Adrenaline Sports

Dubai is a city that caters for all, including the adrenaline junkies. From sky-diving to zip-lining, there are many extreme sports options for you to choose from. However, one that is always popular among thrill-seekers is Dune Buggy, riding in the magic of the Dubai desert! In this Dubai Dune Buggy guide, we’ll take you through What […]

Finding The Best of Dubai in February 2024

Everything you need to know about visiting Dubai in February February makes a superb time of the year for tourists who like to avoid the peak crowds of high season and enjoy great outdoor activities in Dubai while the weather is still mild. It’s also an excellent month for romantics looking for Valentine’s holiday deals […]

24 Fun Things to Do in Dubai With Teens in 2024

Dubai is a bit of a fantasy playground for all ages, with teens being particularly well catered for with plenty of adrenaline-pumping and out-of-this-world experiences they’ll remember for a lifetime. Having lived in the UAE for a decade and shown countless visitors around town, as well as visiting all of these with our own kids, […]

15 Shisha Places in Dubai You Need to Try in 2024

Known for its luxurious lifestyle and vibrant nightlife, Dubai offers an array of exceptional shisha lounges that blend traditional Middle Eastern culture with modern sophistication. Whether you’re a seasoned shisha enthusiast or looking to experience this relaxing pastime for the first time, our list showcases top-rated venues known for their quality shisha, inviting ambience, and […]

12 Dubai Nightclubs to Experience in 2024

Dubai at night is absolutely unlike anything you’ll experience anywhere else in the world. The city is world-famous for its wild nightlife, and it’s something you definitely have to see for yourself. There are so many choices when it comes to Dubai nightclubs that it can be difficult to know where to start – so we’ve […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas in Dubai 2023

f you’re seeking out a northern hemisphere winter holiday in the sun but don’t want to miss out on the fun and festivities of Christmas, Dubai could just be the destination for you!! Christmas in Dubai is not a public holiday but is widely celebrated by the large expat community and tourists. So other than […]

Unlocking the Best of Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Welcome to the jewel of the Middle East – Dubai! A city that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, Dubai is a destination like no other. To make your Dubai experience truly unforgettable, Time Out Rent A Car brings you exclusive car rental deals and a comprehensive guide that unlocks the city’s best-kept secrets. Let’s […]

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